IFTTT: The coolest thing I’ve seen today

I’m a bit of a tech nerd, not in that I know how everything works but in that when it does, I find it completely fascinating. And that brings me to IFTTT, a service that allows you to sync up a variety of social media and other app or productivity accounts in order to simplify tasks in your tech-driven life.

Want to put all of your new pictures in a Facebook album every time they are auto-uploaded to Dropbox from your iPhone? Just set up a task and you are good to go, easy as that.

But based on the tutorial in the video below, IFTTT — an abbreviation for “If This Then That” — has a lot of other cool possibilities too. Maybe you want to go on morning runs, but only if it’s not too hot when you wake up. Well, you can set up a task that calls or texts you when the weather outside hits a certain temperature, so you know when you wake if you’re okay to run or better off catching some extra shut-eye.

The possibilities here seem endless, though there seem to be just as many ways things could go wrong if you set things up improperly or aren’t responsible with the things you are doing. Take a questionable picture, and you could instantly find your way out of that cool new job offer or in the dog house with your significant other.

But, on the whole, IFTTT seems like an awesome productivity app. I’ve yet to play around with it, but consider me signed up, if only to see if the implementation is as cool as it looks in the tutorial. Check out the tutorial below, and if it piques your interest, sign up online at http://ifttt.com or via the iPhone app, which you can find in the iTunes App Store.


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